Wellbe: Product development


a) The mission of the company: Give total ownership of medical data to the patients.
b) The mission of the platform: Be a platform that stores patients' healthcare data and can connect to different hospitals, clinics, or medical centers. 


a) Doctors.
b) Patients.
c) Chronic disease patients.

The mission of the company is to give data ownership to the patients that’s why it makes sense to start there. Inside the patient’s category, we find a different kinds of users. We start with the ones that would use the service the most (highest frequency), chronic disease patients.

Pain points

a) They don’t have all the healthcare information in the same place.
b) They don’t have all the healthcare information in the same place. 
c) They can’t pay to redo exams that they already did. 
d) They are concerned about their data privacy.

Following the company's mission of giving ownership to the patients, it makes sense to start addressing pain point A. Today patients have all their healthcare information distributed in several medical centers creating unnecessary complexity to already complex diseases. Problem C will solve if we gather all the information together. Problem B is something we could address in the future, creating some standards that all medical centers accept.


a) A platform that people upload their medical data.
b) Backend integration of existing medical centers.
c) A unique platform for today's clinics that replace their systems. Also, it connects the network.  

Any of these solutions would follow the company’s mission and solve the pain point of the chronic disease patients. But when including legality into the equation, the only viable solution would be A. The reason is that we could only store sensible data like healthcare if the users voluntarily uploaded it to the platform.

Metrics + MVP

a) N*: # active users. 
b) # Of exams uploaded.
c) The frequency they access their data. 

The MVP is a platform that uses AWS services to store data. The user can only upload, download, and send their medical data. After the MVP takes place, new features will add, like chat integration between doctors and patients, scheduling appointments, etc.

Patricio Daher