Rengo: Product development


a) The mission of the company: Free employees of repetitive work.
b) The mission of the product: Create a real-time data analysis algorithm that can manage operations and reduce human work. 


a) E-commerce industry > Small owners.
b) Banking industry.
c) Logistics industry.

The mission of the company is to free employees of repetitive work. The user that has less time to waste on repetitive tasks are small owners that have to run everything by themselves, that’s why we are starting with them.

Pain points

a) They have to run, marketing, operations, logistics, plus be sure everything is working ok. 
b) They have slow responses to business problems, affecting their image to customers. 
c) They do not have the money to hire new people to help them. 

Following thecompany mission of freeing employees of repetitive work, the pain point toprioritize would be A and B. Improving A, B will follow.


a) Create a platform of people they can hire by the hour to help them when needed. 
b) Create a real-time analysis software that alerts and takes the action of business problems.
c) Create a platform where people can manage everything from.

To answer the pain point of freeing employees of repetitive work option B will be the priority. The other two options would help or alleviate the problem but wouldn’t solve it.

Metrics + MVP

a) N*: # active users.
b) # Of alerts created.
c) # Of alerts solved.

The MVP is an algorithm that analyses business data and metrics in real-time, creating alerts to business owners when something is not working properly. The alerts get sent via email. As stage two of the development, we would include a front-end platform for people to see this information in real-time. Also, we would make the algorithm smarter so it can take decisions on its own.

Patricio Daher