Open: Product development


a) The mission of the company: Interconnect like-minded people.
b) The mission of the product is to be a platform that allows users to meet new people that have the same interests. 


a) Gen Z.
b) Millennials.
c) Gen X.

The mission of the company is to interconnect like-minded people. I think choosing millennials is the right start. They are a generation that stopped meeting new people because their environment is not changing anymore. They are not getting into college again or getting new jobs all the time.

Pain points

a) Their environment stopped changing, so they don’t have the context to meet new people. 
b) They are used to their friends, even if they do not have interests in common. 
c) Current social networks do not allow them to meet new people.

Following the company mission of interconnecting like-minded people, the pain point to prioritize would be C. Instagram and Facebook are great platforms for people to connect online with their existing networks, but not to make new friends. TikTok is a platform that allows the user to meet new people, but usually in a more platonic, geographical away situation. There is a space in the market for a platform that lets users meet like-minded people in their area.


a) A platform based on a map-like UI that allows you to discover new like-minded people. 
b) A platform that lets you share videos (TikTok-like) but only locally. 
c) A platform to share your skills so you can interchange knowledge with like-minded people. 

To answer the pain point of connecting like-minded people, solution A will be the priority. Even though B would work to meet new people, it doesn’t assure you they will be like you. Solution C is more a professional connection than a friendship. That’s why solution A could be an option to meet like-minded people.

Metrics + MVP

a) N*: # active users. 
b) # Of matches.
c) # Of messages per match. 

The MVP is a platform with a map UI where the user can upload their profile, interests, and passions. Also, the user can tell if they are near or not. People can send invitations to play tennis, go hiking, or just match. Once the match happens, they can also chat inside the platform or take it to another platform like WhatsApp.

Patricio Daher