Lensii: Product development


a) The mission of the company: Reduce the loss of relevant personal memories.
b) The mission of the software: Create a platform that automatically saves users’ pics on the cloud to avoid losing them. 


a) Students
a) Travelers.
b) New parents.

To select users, we are targeting different groups entering times in their lives they don’t want to forget. From students entering college to travelers visiting new countries and new parents with their children. Even though any of these categories would follow the company’s mission, we’ll choose travelers to enter a niche market and differentiate.

Pain points

a) They do not always have internet.
b) Sometimes they lose their phones.
c) They take many pictures of the same place, fulling their phone capacity.
d) They forget what the pics are.
e) They do not know how to take pics the right way.

To reduce the loss of relevant personal memories in travelers, we will prioritize the pain points according to that goal of reducing the loss of important memories. People take pictures of everything while traveling, often forgetting what they are or where they took them. That's why we will start solving pain point D.


a) Create a gallery app that automatically uploads pics, and creates a memory (movie) with them.
b) Work with current galleries to improve via plugins what they are missing (cloud services, etc.).
c) Upload all the pics data from phones and order them in the cloud.

There are two different approaches, first, to work with the current infrastructure, or second, to create a new one. Even though creating new infrastructure would be more work, the road of creating an in-house app is more novel. We are redefining what the concept memory means, moving forward from only saving pictures to creating memories (that will be movies) of each experience. Moonshot idea, what if we create a chronic movie of the whole life of a person? Every picture they take or place they go would be part of it (maybe something to develop after MVP)

Metrics + MVP

a) N*: # of active users.
b) # Of times users use the app.
c) GB saved on average per user.

The MVP is a native Android app that acts as the gallery. Every time the user takes a pic, the gallery uploads it to the cloud. If there are duplicate pictures, the gallery erases them automatically. Also, the memory movie is created automatically.


• Led product development and vision.
• Executed the roadmap for their minimal viable product.
• Created a marketing strategy to grow the product.
• Revamped the website.


• With the team of engineers, we launched the minimal viable product in 1 month.
• Added 375 people to their waiting list using an email marketing campaign.
• Improved conversion from 3% to 11% by designing a new website.

Patricio Daher