Lendy: Product development


a) The mission of the company: Increase users’ capital gains by not selling early.
b) The mission of the product: Create a financial tool that allows users to retain their investments in the long term. 


a) Retail investors.
b) Accredited investors.
c) Institutional investors.

The mission of the company is to increase users’ capital gains by not selling early. The reason why someone would sell their investments early is that they need urgent cash for their lives. With the reason identified, the only one that would have cash trouble is the retail investor. So they will be the user selected.

Pain points

a) They must sell their investments if an unexpected expense appears.
b) Sometimes they sell at the worst time of the market because of inexperience.
c) They don’t have the patience to wait time for their capital gains to be considerable.

To follow the company's mission of helping people not sell their investments early, the pain point to prioritize would be A. It would include people that are waiting for their capital gains, but because something unexpected happened, they are forced to sell.


a) Consumer loans, backed by their credit score.
b) Loans backed by their liquid assets.
c) Software that historicallytells them when to sell.

To answer the pain point, the only solution that makes sense would be B. Because with that solution, people don’t fall into new debt while their capital gains continue growing.

Metrics + MVP

a) N*: # active users.
b) # Of loans given.
c) Frequency users ask for loans.

The MVP is a platform integrated with today’s fintech so users can easily transfer their portfolio to our app to ask for loans. When the loan is given, the user loses their right to ownership of their portfolio until it is paid back. Users can pay back by asking us to sell it for them, and they gain the capital gains of the time elapsed.

Patricio Daher