Finten: Product development


a) The mission of the company: Help people access real estate ownership.
b) Mission of the product: Create a platform that allows users to rent a home while progressively pay their downpayment.


a) Gen Z.
b) Millennials.
c) Gen X.

The mission of the company is to help people access real estate ownership. I think choosing millennials is the right start because they are the generation with historically fewer ownership levels. Compared to the prior generations at the same age. Also, from an impact perspective, millennials are the largest number of users that today have a steady income.

Pain points

a) They must pay high school debt that doesn’t allow them to save.
b) The rent prices are higher every year, making it even more difficult to save.
c) Credit score has a huge impact when buying a home. 

Following the company's mission of helping people access ownership, the pain point to prioritize would be A and B. Because of today’s circumstances, people can’t save for the down payment like previous generations did, creating lifetime renters that can’t access ownership.


a) Help people to earn new skills to get a better salary.
b) Offer a rent to own platformthat saves the down payment gradually for them.
c) Co-ownership between investorsand people that would like to buy the house. This way the price of the downpayment goes down.

To answer the pain point of accessing ownership option B will be the priority. Even though C would work, there are doubts about how it is in real life is to have an extra owner that doesn’t want to sell. Option A is out of scope.  With solution B, renters can progressively become owners instead of only paying money to their landlords.

Metrics + MVP

a) N*: # active users.
b) # Of houses rented.
c) # Of houses sold.

The MVP is a platform that allows users to find homes they are interested in. Then, Finten buys them while the renters living there pay them progressively.

Patricio Daher